Fire fee


In accordance with the Decree on Fire Fee   the fire fee is paid from the insurance premium, which the insurance policy holder pays to the insurance company on the basis of the insurance contract for insurance against fire risk (fire premium).

On 13 May 2022 the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (no. 68/22) published the Decree amending the Decree on Fire Fee SI. This Decree changes the fire fee percentage on insurance premium paid by the policyholder to the insurance company based on the insurance contract for fire danger insurance as set by Article 5 of the Fire Fee Decree (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, nos. 34/06 and 25/12). The amount of fire fee increases from 5 % to 9 % on the base for the calculation of fire fee. This decree enters into force on the fifteenth day following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia that is 28 May 2022 and it shall apply from 1 October 2022. 

National legislation


  • Fire fee Regulation SI