Import of weapons and ammunition


The State is trying to prevent negative consequences of possession of weapons by classifying weapon into prohibited weapons which must not be acquired or possessed and authorised weapons which can be acquired under specific conditions.

Weapons are objects manufactured or adapted in such a way to discharge bullets, pellets or other projectiles, disperse gases, liquid or other substances under the pressure of gunpowder or other gases or propellants.

Weapons are also objects primarily intended for preventing or reducing assault or threat through their direct use, furthermore for hunting and sports shooting.


Ammunition, ammunition and weapon components are also regarded as weapons unless otherwise provided by a relevant act. Ammunition with penetrating projectiles is intended for military use: the projectile is usually jacketed and has a penetrating hard core. Ammunition with explosive projectiles is intended for military use: the projectile contains a charge that explodes on impact. Ammunition with incendiary projectiles is also intended for military use: the projectile contains a chemical mixture which bursts into flame in contact with the air or on impact. Ammunition with expansive projectiles contains partially jacketed bullets or bullets with a hollow point.

Military weapons and accessories

Military weapons and accessories (firearms, firearms system, ammunition, military explosives and accessories) are final products of military nature intended, especially designed, developed and produced exclusively for military combats. They cannot be used for civilian purposes or are not intended to be used for civilian purposes in the same form.

Import, export or transit of weapons, ammunition and explosives is allowed on the basis of authorisations granted by the Ministry of the Interior, while authorisations for military weapons are granted by the Ministry of Defence.

Did you know?

Transfer of weapons from Slovenia to other countries which are not Member States of the EU is subject to a special regime. Only weapons and ammunition of the kind which can be acquired and possessed in Slovenia can be carried across the state border on the basis of a valid weapons document (a weapons permit, a permit to possess weapons etc.). No special permit is required for transfer of air weapons, crossbows etc.