Import of plants and plant products

The import of plants, seeds, fruits or flowers from third countries is either limited to small quantities or allowed on the basis of a phytosanitary inspection or prohibited in order to avoid the possible introduction of viral, bacterial or fungal diseases or plant pest which can spread in our environment and cause serious economic damage.

You can find more details on the import of plants and plant products on the website of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection, which is competent for this field of work.

Quantities of plants permitted for personal use

The import of small quantities of plants and plant products originating in European countries to Slovenia by natural persons is not subject to phytosanitary inspections.

The following quantities are considered small quantities:

  • fruit and raw vegetables (with the exception of potatoes): total quantity of 5 kilos;
  • cut flowers and parts of plants, bound in a bouquet or a wreath: 1 bouquet or wreath;
  • seeds (other than seed potatoes) in original packaging not intended for sale: total quantity of 0,5 kilo;
  • ornamental flower bulbs and tubers: total quantity of 5 kilos;
  • Christmas trees without roots: 1 piece;
  • indoor growing plants, pot plants (other than bonsai): total quantity of 3 plants;
  • balcony plants, unlignified ornamental shrubs: total quantity of 10 plants.

Exemptions for small quantities do not apply to plants, plant products and other supervised items which cannot be imported to the EU according to phytosanitary regulations.

Import of permitted plants and plant products for personal use

Plants, their parts and other products which are not considered small quantities or the import of which is not prohibited must be declared for a phytosanitary inspection at the first point of entry in the EU and accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued in the country of origin. Points of entry to Slovenia where the import of such goods is allowed are the following: Port Koper, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and Ljubljana Customs Post Office (for the Internet purchases). An application for inspection of the consignment must be lodged at the competent branch office of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection.

What is prohibited?

It is prohibited to introduce into and export from the European Union the following plants for personal use, even in small quantities:

  • potatoes (neither potatoes for human consumption nor seed potatoes),
  • potatoes of the botanically related plants of stolon- or tuber – forming species,
  • plants of vitis,
  • plants of citrus,
  • bonsai and
  • plants of grasses (other than ornamental grasses).

It is strictly prohibited to introduce into the EU the following plants from the USA, Canada and China;

  • plants with root clod,
  • plants of conifers, chestnut, oak, apple trees, quince trees, pear trees, cherry trees, plum trees and other stone fruit trees, and
  • plants of roses.

Did you know?

The introduction of certain plants and their parts into the European Union may be limited also to protect the endangered plant species and to prevent the risk which invasive alien species might pose.