Import of explosives and pyrotechnic articles


Explosives are solid or liquid explosive substances or mixtures and explosive objects containing one or more explosive substances which, by chemical reaction, release gases at such a pressure and speed that they can destroy the surroundings. Explosives are also pyrotechnic substances or mixtures of substances by which heat, light, sound, gas, fog or smoke or a combination of such effects are formed through non-explosive, automatic and exothermic chemical reactions.

Explosives for civilian market are classified into economic explosives, detonating and slow- burning cords, detonating cords, detonators, delay detonators, powder and rocket propellants.

Pyrotechnic articles

A pyrotechnic article is any article containing explosive or pyrotechnic substances or an explosive mixture of substances which produce heat, light, sound, gas or smoke or a combination of such effects resulting from exothermic chemical reactions. Pyrotechnic articles are classified as firework products, theatrical pyrotechnic products and other pyrotechnic products. Pyrotechnic articles must not contain military or economic explosives except for black powder or flash powder mixtures.

In Slovenia, it is prohibited to sell, possess and use category 2 and 3 firework products whose main effect is a detonation.

Did you know?

The use of pyrotechnic articles can be dangerous for incompetent persons, and consequently, these articles can only be purchased by persons of a certain age. A seller may request a natural person to prove his or her age by means of an official identity card when in doubt whether a natural person is old enough to purchase a certain pyrotechnic article.

Category 1 firework products whose main effect is a detonation can only be sold between 19 and 31 December, and they may be used only between 26 December and 2 January.