Weapons and ammunition


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Weapon is classified in categories A, B, C and D according to Firearms Act (hereinafter referred to as: the Act). A weapon is any object designed or adapted to discharge bullets, shots or other projectiles or to disperse gases, liquid or other substances when charged with air, gas or explosive pressure or any other means of propulsion.

Other objects are considered as weapon which, as regards their nature, are intended to prevent or reduce by immediate action an attack or a posed danger or to be used in hunting or target-shooting competitions.

Furthermore, ammunition, components thereof and parts of firearms are regarded as weapon, unless otherwise provided by the Act. Ammunition with penetrating projectiles means ammunition for military use where the projectile is jacketed and has a penetrating hard core. Ammunition with explosive projectiles means ammunition for military use where the projectile contains a charge which explodes on impact. Ammunition with incendiary projectiles means ammunition for military use where the projectile contains a mixture of chemical substances which bursts into flame on contact with the air or on impact. Ammunition with expanding projectiles means ammunition with partly jacketed bullets or hollow base bullets.

Military firearms and equipment (firearms, firearms systems, ammunition, military explosives and equipment) are final products intended for military use, especially designed, developed and produced for military combats. Furthermore, they are not intended for civil use and as such cannot be used for civilian purposes.

The import, export or transit of weapon, ammunition and explosives can be carried out only on the basis of authorisations granted by the Ministry of the Interior. Weapon for military use can be imported, exported or transferred only on the basis of the authorisations granted by the Ministry of Defence.

EU legislation


National legislation


  • Firearms Act (ZOro-1)  
  • Defence Act (ZObr)  


  • Decree prohibiting purchase, possession, importing and carring of certain taypes of weapons  
  • Decree amending the Decree on authorisations for the production of and trade in military weapons and equipment and on prior authorisation for the import, export, transit and transfer of defence-related products  


  • Rules amending the Rules implementing the Firearms Act