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Plant protection products (PPP)


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Plant protection products (PPP) are preparations used in agriculture for the protection of plants and crops against pests and the growth of undesired plants. They may be imported in small packaging registered for sale and intended for final consumption and direct delivery to shops. It is allowed to place on the market of the Republic of Slovenia and to use only those plant protection products which are registered in Slovenia. Plant protection products containing dangerous substances may be placed on the market only by legal and natural persons who comply with the set conditions and are entered in the register of legal and natural persons engaged in placing PPP on the market which is kept by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection (hereinafter referred to as: UVHVVR).

The entry of plant protection products into the customs territory of the EU is allowed only at certain entry points. Before releasing a plant protection product for free circulation, the importer or his representative must inform the competent inspector of the UVHVVR to perform an inspection of the consignment. A plant protection product may be placed under a customs-approved use or treatment only when an inspector of the UVHVVR permits its entry into the customs territory of the EU. Where a consignment of plant protection products is detected which has not been inspected by a UVHVVR inspector, the competent authorities must inform the locally competent office of the UVHVVR. Such a consignment may be assigned a customs-approved use or treatment on the basis of the permission given by a UVHVVR office.


National legislation


  • Plant Protection Products Act  


  • Rules determining points of entry and conditions for introduction of plant protection products into the European Union customs territory and detailed control procedure