Customs declaration and other forms (ATA, TIR)


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The ATA Carnet is an international customs document on the basis of which the crossing of the frontiers between the contracting parties to this convention is simplified for the goods under temporary importation, transit procedure or temporary exportation.

The advantages of the ATA Carnet are the following:

  • goods under temporary importation can cross the state frontiers in a simplified procedure without being subject to customs duties and other charges;
  • on the basis of one ATA Carnet, the same goods can be introduced into one contracting party to the Convention or more within the period of validity of the ATA Carnet not exceeding one year;
  • all formalities regarding the selected customs procedure are arranged on the basis of one document (temporary exportation, transit, temporary importation, re-exportation and re-importation);
  • each carnet is covered by a guarantee which secures the payment of the amount of customs duties which would be due in case the goods were not re-exported within the specified time limit. 

The ATA Carnet is used for temporary importation / temporary exportation of various types of goods with a specific purpose, e.g. specimens, brochures, goods to be displayed at fairs or exhibitions, professional or research equipment etc. The ATA Carnet is not used for temporary importation of perishable goods, goods intended for consumption, processing or reparation.

The authority competent for issuing ATA Carnets in Slovenia is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

The TIR Convention or the customs convention on the international transport of goods under cover of TIR Carnets introduces transit customs procedures for international transport of goods by road. TIR Carnets provide for simplified movement of goods across international frontiers under suspension system und with minimal intervention of customs authorities en route.

A carrier intending to transport goods in the international transport under cover of a TIR Carnet, must present to the customs office of departure the goods and the vehicle with a valid Certificate of Approval proving that the vehicle/container meets the conditions which justify the approval. The TIR Carnet must be properly filled out and other documents must be submitted (an invoice, a CMR consignment note, an export declaration, a delivery note etc.) for the procedure to be carried out according to the provisions. 

GIZ Intertransport   is the issuing company in Slovenia.

Agreements, convetions & protocols 

EU legislation


National legislation

  • Regulation amending Regulation on completion of SAD, electronic cooperation with Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and other forms which are used to carry out customs formalities  
  • Rules on the single administrative document, electronic transactions with the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and other forms used in customs services