Intrastat reporting

Incurrence of the obligation to report

A company must report for Intrastat if:

  • it trades in goods with companies or individuals in other EU Member States, and
  • the total value of the company’s dispatches of goods to EU Member States or arrivals of goods from EU Member States in the previous or current calendar year exceeded the value of the exemption threshold mentioned in the Intrastat Guide.

The Financial Office Nova Gorica informs PSIs when the obligation to report occurs and when it terminates.

What are Intrastat reports about?

PSIs must report on dispatches of goods from Slovenia to other EU Member States and on arrivals of goods in Slovenia from other EU Member States, which is actually a physical flow of goods between Slovenia and other EU Member States. It is provided in the Intrastat Guide what data to report and what data not to report.

How to submit a report

A PSI can report itself or through a TDP. PSI and TDP can register for access to electronic Intrastat reporting (exchange of electronic messages, reporting on the Web form) by filling in the Aplication for inclusion in Intrastat reporting. PSI registers for reporting through a TDP by filling out the Autorisation form for Intrastat reporting for TDPs.

Electronic reporting with the exchange of electronic messages

Electronic reporting with the exchange of electronic messages is suitable for all PSIs, especially for those with a large number of business transactions.

Electronic reporting on the Web form

An online form SI is a simple way of reporting and enables the user to submit data very easily.  In order to access the online form, a digital certificate issued by one of the qualified certificate authorities SIGEN-CA; Halcom-CA; Pošta®CA SI; AC NLB SI is required.

Intrastat application

A password to access the Intrastat application can be obtained by filling out an application form and sending it to Nova Gorica Financial Office.

A digital certificate is required to access the Intrastat application.

In order to introduce and test the Intrastat web solution, PSIs and TDPs can use the online testing solution in Intrastat. In order to use the testing solution, a testing digital certificate must be installed.

Instructions on how to filling out the Intrastat declaration

Intrastat reports must be drawn up according to the European and Slovenian legislation. The Statistical Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) and the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia publish annually guidelines for filling out the intrastat report.

More details

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