EORI registration and an EORI number

Who should register for an EORI number?

Economic operators or persons (whether natural or legal or associations of persons recognised by the EU or national law as having the capacity to perform legal acts but lacking the legal status of a legal person) who would like to be professionally involved with activities covered by customs legislation must first register for an EORI number with the competent authority.

Assigning an EORI number to economic operators from third countries

Economic operators from third countries (non-EU countries) can register for an EORI number with a competent authority in any Member State.

Who is competent for EORI registration and assigning an EORI number in Slovenia?

The authority competent for registration, activation and assigning an EORI number in Slovenia is:

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

Financial Office Kranj

Customs Division, TARIC Section

6c Spodnji plavž

SI-4270 Jesenice


T: +386 4 202 7583

F: +386 4 202 4969

E: eori.fu(at)gov.si

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