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eDavki – electronic tax management system

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The eDavki portal is the IT system of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia used in electronic transactions with the Financial Administration. It ensures the convenient, easy and safe transmission of tax forms and receipt of documents served by the Financial Administration (eVročanje). The use of the portal (submission of forms and receipt of documents) is obligatory for all business entities. Business entities (sole traders and business organisations) can access the eDavki portal with a qualified digital certificate.

Access to the eDavki portal with a qualified digital certificate

For full use of the eDavki portal (submitting applications and receiving documents) you need appropriate equipment and a digital certificate. The procedure for obtaining a qualified digital certificate can be found on the eDavki portal. You may choose from among four qualified digital certificates (SIGEN-CA /free/, POŠTA®CA, AC-NLB, and HALCOM CA).

Access to eDavki portal with a user account for natural persons

Natural persons can also assess the eDavki portal by means of a user name (tax identification number) and a password. Natural persons engaged in a business activity can access their activity profile with a user account. This means that you can send and examine the forms in the eDavki portal including by using a tablet and a mobile device. To register your user account you need to provide your email address, your tax identification number, the reference number of the indicative calculation of your personal income tax or a code. If you have no indicative calculation of your personal income tax, choose the box "I have no personal income tax calculation – get a code". You will then receive a code to your address as shown in FURS's records, by which you will be able to activate your user account.

Restrictions on the use of the eDavki portal when accessed by a natural person with a user account:

  • persons access their activity profiles as natural persons who are external authorising persons and have the right to handle forms within the eDavki portal. Since the tax identification number is in both cases the same, you can be automatically granted all external rights associated with digital certificate records;
  • an electronic proof of service cannot be signed. The contents of the electronically served document can be accessed either after the signing of the electronic proof of service by using a qualified digital certificate or after employing the substituted service of documents;
  • you can access the profiles of your authorising persons who have the status of natural persons and submit forms on their behalf, but only subject to authorisation as a natural person. However, you cannot access the profiles of your authorising persons who have the status of legal persons or natural persons engaged in a business activity and the profiles of authorising persons who have granted an external authorisation for your activity.


Business entities must use the eDavki portal to submit and receive documents. If you do not have the necessary equipment to access the eDavki portal, you can appoint a proxy.

Granting an authorisation

The eDavki portal facilitates the simple authorisation of other persons for electronic tax operations on behalf of the taxable person.

Did you know?

For the purposes of electronic service through the eDavki portal, which is compulsory for all business entities, the eVrocanje-POS form can be used to communicate one or more email addresses to which you wish to receive informative notices on electronically sent documents through the eDavki portal. If you fail to do so, you assume the responsibility to regularly access the eDavki portal and check for informative email messages (Obv-DZ form).

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