EU CUSTOMS 2020 WS - eCommerce

Cooperation between Customs and Post - The Slovenian Method

Customs 2020 WS, Ljubljana, 15-16 February 2017

The huge increase in online purchases is posing challenges to Customs in terms of ensuring supply chain security, protection of society and collection of duties and taxes.

Recent trends in e-commerce with 15 % average annual growth of the number of customs procedures with postal consignments, low quality data of consignments, bulky consignments from one collection centre to several final consignees, increased traffic of risky consignments pose challenges to customs administrations for proper response and for changes of traditional customs procedures.

These changes affect the revenue and the security aspect of procedures and implementation is possible only with strong cooperation of all key players in the area of international postal traffic. Slovenia has recently implemented a project of modernisation of customs postal procedures. The project has followed the WCO - UPU guidelines and new UCC provisions, includes development of new electronic data system and exchange of data. The project is a result of strong cooperation of Slovenian Post and Customs.

During the DG’s Club meeting on 26-27 May 2016 in Slovenia, several delegations expressed their interest in the Slovenian solution regarding customs procedures in postal traffic (including formal and informal requests for working visits under C2020). 

Event is organised to present recently developed Slovenian method of cooperation between Customs and Post.