Anonymous reports

The report of the custom and tax violations – the report can also be submitted anonymously

Which information is welcome?

The report should include information about the violation, detailed as possible, to ensure the effective and successful procedure of resolving the submitted violations. 

We ask kindly, that notifiers in submitted report:

  1. list the data about offender as exact as possible
  2. shortly describe the nature of the violation (information about the type and location of the violation)
  3. attach supporting documentation, that indicate the possible violation (for example photographs, documents, witness reports).

Where information should be submitted?

Individuals can submit all information about the violation of the custom and tax legislation to Financial Office of the RS to:

  • e-mail address  prijave.fu(at)
  • anonymous telephone number 00386 2222 11 22
  • by post office to the following address Murska Sobota Financial Office, Slomškova ulica 1, P. O. Box 300, SI - 9001 Murska Sobota, Slovenia
  • in person at the closest Financial Office during the official opening hours.

Anonymous telephone number is a transponder that only records the report and does not enable the contact with authorising official at the Financial Administration of the RS.

Application form for the report submission:

Protecting the information sources

The Financial Administration law in RS states that the authorising officials are obliged to protect the report information source or other information sources. Therefore information about the notifier should not be transmitted on and the report can also be anonymous.

False report

Individual, that submits false report, can be in accordance with Article 38 of the Law on inspection penalised by 500 EUR fine. In addition, in extreme cases of false reports, in accordance with Article 283 of the Criminal Code, the false report can be punishable by up to two years imprisonment.